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Statement,  4th  August 2007

(new) Italian Communist Party greet the 2007 August 4th celebrations of 25th anniversary of MLPD

Dear comrades!

on behalf of all members and organizations of the (new) Italian Communist Party we greet the 25th anniversary of MLPD foundation, and remember with esteem the memory of comrade Willi Dickhut, founder of the party. We avail ourselves of the opportunity to express our esteem also for the comrades who contributed with him in founding the MLPD, and who are today continuing the work he began.

For us Italian Communists, MLPD’s work is very important mainly for two reasons.

1. The role of Germany and German communist movement in Europe, for good and for ill. The great and glorious ascent and the shameful retreat of German Social democracy between 1875 and 1914, the great ascent and the defeat of KPD between 1918 and 1933, the constitution of the GDR, the first German socialist State, in 1947, and its progressive corruption until the collapse in 1989, are three processes that left a deep mark in European and international communist movement. Imperialist countries’ communist movement has much to learn from these three processes. The road the German working class and the other popular masses in its footsteps will take, will have great importance for the development of the second wave of proletarian revolution, particularly in Europe. For this reason, the success of MLPD’s work is particularly important for us Italian Communists. That is why we are very interested in understanding its work method, its strategy and its outcomes.

2. We are having relations with MLPD since 2003. Starting from that year we began to develop systematically our international relations. During this period we directly knew and appreciated many positive aspects of MLPD: particularly, its will to look for truth by analysing reality rigorously, its availability to bring itself for discussion and its availability to a relation with other communist parties open and on equal footing. We tried and are trying to learn from its experience and appreciate the fact that MLPD is available to put its own experience at other communist parties disposal. We have still a long way to go. Our strength is weak, we learn slowly, but surely we learned something from MLPD, and we shall learn more.

We are not yet able to pass an inclusive and even less a conclusive judgement about the way the MLPD is following for becoming the direction of German working class and for leading it to seize the power. We have not yet a clear idea about it. We have not yet a clear idea about how much the MLPD has overcome the limits that took SPD to treason in 1914 and KPD to defeat in 1933. Nevertheless, thanks to the experience we have had in our relation with MLPD, we trust the MLPD will go along to the end of the road its forerunners covered only for a limited tract. We trust it will succeed in making Germany a new socialist country so giving an invaluable contribution to the new wave of world proletarian revolution and particularly to the European communist movement.

With this conviction, we heartily, trustingly, joyfully wish all you comrades of MLPD, your Central Committee, your Chairman Stefan Engel, to overcome all difficulties and to lead German working class and the other popular masses to victory, finally making Germany a new socialist country, and we join the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of MLPD’s foundation.

Let’s go ahead to victory, without reservations!